Vacation Rental

When Carolyn & Steve designed Two Eagles Lodge in 2005, they knew that many visitors to Vancouver Island seek a vacation rental for an extended stay, so they can unpack and relax. That was the inspiration behind the Two Eagles “Guest Suite,” which is basically a bachelor apartment on the second floor of the B&B wing.

It includes a seating area, two queen beds, a pull-out sofa, ensuite, kitchen, and private entrance and balcony.

This space is ideal for several friends or two couples traveling together.  It is also ideal for  families with a single child, or children over the age of 8.

Unfortunately, despite extra insulation between the floors, some noisy children have made the guests below them so uncomfortable, it has negatively impacted their stays.

In 2016, we implemented a seasonal policy of no families with children between ages 2- 8 if there are multiple children; a family with a single child or children over 8 are welcome during these months.

The 800-square-foot open floor plan includes:

  • full kitchen
  • dining area
  • sitting area (including a pull-out sofa)
  • television/DVD player
  • two queen beds

Suite Pictures

(click on image for larger view)