Things to See & Do

A “Playground” for Everyone—from sea to sky!

Water plays a big part in Island activities. The fishing is world-renowned, as is the yachting/boating with the breathtaking scenery of Desolation Sound just a short boat-ride away. The island also boasts many lakes for boating and kayaking. Scuba diving is ranked number two in the world, according to the Jacques Cousteau Society—citing Vancouver Island for its marine diversity and water clarity. Whale watching, grizzly bear and adventure tours are available within hours of Two Eagles Lodge.

For those who prefer land activities to water, no worries.

Golf courses abound. Many of them are open nearly year-round. For the mountain bike enthusiast, the trails in Cumberland and at Mount Washington, are a great place to spend a day or two.

Vancouver Island has the most caves of any area in Canada. Some, like Horne Lake Caves (35 minutes from Two Eagles), are well maintained and open to the public. Others, like those around Gold River, are remote.

If walking, hiking or snowshoeing are on the agenda, nearby Strathcona Park is a phenomenal place to enjoy well maintained trails and take in spectacular scenery. This park is home to Mount Washington and its record-breaking snowpack for awesome cross country and downhill skiing, too. There are parks and paths everywhere, so bring comfortable shoes and enjoy exploring by the water or in dense forest; a hand-held GPS is also a good idea.

Plan to visit Butchart Gardens (in Victoria) and Kitty Coleman Gardens (North Courtenay) if you like flowers. They are quite different, yet absolutely beautiful, especially in the spring.

Seeing the island by land and taking no-agenda day drives is breathtaking, but exploring the beautiful Desolation Sound and fjords by seaplane is an adventure that should be on everyone’s “bucket list.” The family-run operation, Corilair, that delivers mail to outlying post offices, private islands, and fishing or logging camps will take guests as stand-by passengers. This is a “must” if you want to see scenery that will take your breath away. The take-offs and landings are oh-so cool! ( This slideshow of a Corilair was sent to us by a guest.)

For some of the local culture, there are several award-winning museums within a short drive of Two Eagles. Each is unique and representative of the local history and culture, including native Aboriginal galleries and tours.

You can even tour the oyster plant to see how Fanny Bay Oysters are grown and harvested—producing oysters that are featured on menus near and far (even in Dubai). You could also go fossil huntin with a guide in dry riverbeds or rock banks.

About The Rachel & Kelly Video

Rachel & Kelly, both songwriters from Vancouver, visited Two Eagles Lodge in June 2010. They were here as industry experts participating in the Vancouver Island Music Business Conference, a program for which Two Eagles Lodge has been a sponsor since its inception.

In addition to writing songs and performing, part of their fun in the music industry is what they call “Behind The Scenes” where Rachel takes her video camera into places where the average fan cannot go. They air this footage on their Facebook page, and also sent Two Eagles the footage they shot while here.

Thanks to Rachel & Kelly for this fun video!