Building Two Eagles Lodge

When Carolyn & Steve hired an excavator to prepare the heavily-treed land, they were lucky. Harry understood lot-clearing and understood their vision, since they wanted a balance between clear-cutting and creating pasture for their horses. In 2004, the clearing and land shaping began–revealing a lovely property with an incredible view and gentle slope.

The couple created the design of Two Eagles themselves, and engaged an architect to make it all work from an engineering and code standpoint. Carolyn even built a 3-D cardboard model so she could envision the dream-home better.

In March 2006, when Carolyn and Steve “landed” in Canada, they lived in a travel trailer for four months since the wet winter had delayed the building a bit.

In July 2006, the first boxes moved in, and the rest is history. No sooner were the movers gone, but the immigration deadlines necessitated an immediate start to the B&B wing. Steve, a contractor with years of experience, worked steadily at the foundation; had some help with the framing, and then he did all of the interior work–from laying floors to painting walls and trim. Together, they designed the gardens and committed to the annual basket making and hanging–36 hanging baskets on posts all around Two Eagles.

Despite feeling the pressure like “weekend warriors” from the t.v. home-and-garden shows at times, Carolyn and Steve made it all happen by their immigration deadline and passed their inspection with flying colors.

In May 2007, the B&B wing at Two Eagles officially opened.

Over the years, Steve steadily added out-buildings around the property, built the barn, shelters, a wood shed, and even the chicken coop. There is no shortage of projects with this 12-acre hobbyfarm. It’s a good thing Steve liked his new tractor!

Unfortunately, in the Fall of 2021, Steve passed away after a 14-month battle with T-cell lymphoma, an aggressive cancer. Two Eagles is a living tribute to a man with a vision, crazy work ethic and amazing craftsmanship.