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Hello, you two love birds...its Laurel. I stayed with you for two nights in July with my family consisting of six adults and six kids!!!! Well, I said I would write and although its taken me a few it is.Feel free to use it in whatever way, shape or form you desire.Include my name if you like.

In July of 2011, I was lucky enough to stay at the Two Eagles Lodge on Vancouver Island. Number one it has an extremely easy to find location. Secondly it was super reasonable, economically...and yet nothing was skimped on... this place is better and cheaper than everything else. I have stayed in many hotels, inns, B and B's, etc, etc, and none compare to Two Eagles Lodge. The lodge is big yet cozy, well laid out and can be set up for any group large or small. The hosts are exceptionally gifted as they have thought of everything. I`m writing this extended review as this Band B goes above and beyond anything I have encountered and can be enjoyed by a few or many.I will defiantly be returning.

The entire place was very clean and as I can be a bit germ-a-phobic I was quickly able to relax due to being unable to find anything that would give me cause for concern. The place is very well organized, with each room having exactly what you need, in the exact place you would expect to find it. Each room is pleasingly decorated, uncluttered and comfy. Every single bedroom has an unobstructed view of the ocean which provided such peace and tranquility I felt awed by its beauty, enjoying it from the large windows of my bedroom as well as outside as I lounged with book in hand. Best of all each room has large, and very,very deep bathtubs with handrails that provided great support and safety while entering and exiting with water that was hot and plentiful. The beds were fantastic, and I slept like a baby due to extremely sound-proof rooms, which was tested by my father who slept in the room next to the room my mother and I shared (he snores loudly and yet I never heard him). Drapes covered the large windows blocking out the light which allowed me to sleep a little later than my usual. I can honestly say all the rooms were great as along with my mother and father and I who stayed in rooms right next to each other.... my brother stayed with my six nieces and nephews upstairs in a very spacious room... complete with a kitchen, three double beds and a single, as well as a large bathroom, and TV area. There was room for all to stretch and enjoy the space. The kids had room to run outside and loved the visits to see the horses. My sister and her husband stayed in a slightly more luxurious suite which had a large hot tub outside it that was kept ready and available for anyone to enjoy.

The largest common room is two stories with floor to ceiling windows and doors that open out onto a patio complete with fire pit,lounge chairs, tables, and chairs. You can have your meals outside which we did each morning. Our hosts served us an incredibly hearty breakfast. All twelve of us ate to our hearts content and enjoyed the variety and freshness of the feast. Due to the variety of foods even the pickiest eater was able to fill their plate and eat as much as they liked.

I arrived slightly earlier than the rest of my family and was able to see how the lodge's largest common area could be transformed to easily hold a group of 75 guests, catering to their every need. I saw a band, comfy overstuffed couches and chairs as well as an island laden with food and drink connected to the open concept kitchen which allowed easy access to food and drink. Connected to the kitchen was a smaller more intimate room with comfy couches and tables of food and drink so those guests who wished for a quieter area could be comfortable, cared for and still connected to the larger group.

I know I am going on and on about this place yet seriously I know for sure I will return as the owners know how to do it right whether it be for a big or small group, they have it all. AND THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!!!

sincerely, Laurel Lemley

I know I added a few bits here and there but it was only to make my point clearer.

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